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Michael’s Ivy

When Michael finds an unusual plant in another dimension and brings it back to Earth, it charts a course that forever changes humanity. The plant has the power to heal his body into a perfect and pristine state of health. Realizing that he has discovered virtual immortality, he shares the plant with his friends. Within days, he learns, to his horror, if he does not continue to take it, he has condemned himself, and all those he shared it with, to a terrible and gruesome fate.

Branded ‘addicts’, Michael’s discovery upends society, turning death into an option, rather than an absolute, for those with access to the plant. By removing the reality of death, he challenges the idea of a soul, an afterlife, morality, and salvation. Through Michael, the world is taken through a psychological and prophetic journey as they deal with the consequences of his actions and a world truly changed by his decision.

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